Smoke Detectors

Protect your home with the installation of a smoke detector

Did you know that by Australian law, hard-wired smoke alarms (240 volt) must be installed by a licensed electrician? That’s because unlike a battery-operated alarm, these detectors are connected to the electrical system in your home and require unique skill and expertise to install properly.

When does a smoke alarm need to be replaced?

According to the Queensland Fire and Rescue Service, smoke alarms generally don’t have a lifespan longer than 10 years. So if your smoke alarm is getting close to this milestone, it may be time to organise a replacement service.

Why choose us for your smoke alarm installation?

Coastside Air and Electrical is highly experienced at installing smoke alarms and will ensure your alarm is properly installed and meets all compliance requirements. Our licensed electrician is qualified to perform your installation or replacement so you can have peace of mind you are up to code.

Protect your household with a smoke alarm installed by a licensed electrician. Call (07) 4938 3227 now.
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