Ceiling Fans

Cool down the hot Queensland summer with ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are a great option for any household looking to combat the harsh heat of summer. They can be viable as stand-alone cooling installations or can complement air conditioning systems by helping to circulate air around the house. Prepare for summer and get your fans installed today!

Why choose us for your ceiling fan installation?

  • Licensed electrician with over 25 years’ experience
  • Free ceiling fan installation quotes
  • Fast, friendly service
  • Professional installations that meet industry standards

We’re the electrical team for you

Coastside Air and Electrical are highly experienced in installing ceiling fans into homes and businesses. Our licensed electrician will ensure your fans are safely and securely installed and are cooling your property in no time at all.

Get your ceiling fans installed and ensure you’re ready to battle the Queensland summer! Call (07) 4938 3227 today to discuss your ceiling fan options.
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